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Technical Data

Whole Motorcycle Power System Suspension System
Length (mm) 2135 Engine body Aluminum alloy Frame system Iron pipe frame
Width (mm) 850 Engine body Aluminum alloy Tyre structure Radial tyre
Height (mm) 1420 Cylinder number Single cylinder  Front rim size MT:2.5×19
Wheelbase (mm) 1420 Camshaft system Double-top camshaft(DOHC) Rear rim size MT:4.5×17
Curb weight(kg) 196 Bore X Stoke (mm) 84.5 x 62.0 Front tyre size 110/80R19
Ground clearance (mm) 173 Cooling system Water cooling Rear tyre size 160/60ZR17
Fuel tank volume (L) 19 Fuel 95 and above Front brake size Disk brake
Seat height (mm) 830 Compression ratio 12.3:1 Rear brake size Disk brake
Displacement(ml) 348 Headlight/taillight/turning signal light LED
Fuel supply system Fuel injection Brake system Dual channel ABS
Fuel injection system BOSCH
Ignition system Electric ignition
Transmission system O ring chain
Idling speed (r/min) 1650 ± 100
Maximum power (kW/rpm) 29 / 9500
Maximum torque (N.m/rpm) 32.8 / 7500
Transmission Constant mesh 6-section transmission
Gear 1 down 5 up
Clutch Wet type multi-pieces
Economical consumption of fuel (L/km) 3.2 /100

ZT350-T 19″

SRP £4,799.00 + OTR*

Finance Available:
HP   |  PCP

Finance Available:

HP   /  PCP

A lightweight adventurer, perfect for the enthusiastic explorer or the everyday commuter. Built around a single cylinder, high compression ratio motor, compatible with an A2 licence.

*OTR charge of £200 includes number plate, DVLA 1st registration fee and first year’s road tax.
2 Year manufacturer warranty included

Keyless Control System

This second-generation keyless control system adopts advanced encryption technology, offers great security performance, and has a newly designed transponder fob which is more compact and elegant. Carrying the induction key, the bike can be unlocked within 1.5 metres (the transponder can be kept in a pocket). Locking is the same, with the transponder remaining secure. The process is a simpler and more secure way of locking and unlocking. The second-generation key also has a built-in chip sensor. Even if the battery is unplugged or completely flat, so long as the key is close to the lower right of the seat, it can unlock the motorcycle.

TFT Full Colour Screen

A TFT full colour screen, has four personalised display themes available. It has two backlight modes; manual and automatic, which adjust the backlight intensity according to the change of environment. It is quick response, convenient and efficient.

Bosch EFI System

The latest Bosch EFI system integrates functions such as headlight control, fan control, and sports & fuel-economy mode. A comprehensive operating system for a thoroughly modern motorcycle.

High Power Magneto

The power generation of the magneto is increased; the operating temperature is reduced, and the service life is longer; the weight of the magneto rotor is reduced, which further reduces engine vibration and increases power output. The new magneto is match to a high capacity 10Ah battery.

10AH Battery

Few motorcycles in this sector enjoy such a large battery capacity. A 10Ah battery allows rider to connect auxiliary accessories with confidence.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

A tyre pressure monitoring system connected to the TFT display ensures greater rider safety, reduced fuel consumption, and longer tyre life.

Dual USB Port

Fitted with a twin port 2.1A fast charge USB socket, all your vital auxiliary devices can be connected and charged for additional convenience.

Electronic Steering Lock

A second-generation steering lock has a more compact mechanism, better shock resistance, faster operation action, making it more secure and more reliable.

Electronic Control

User friendly controls adorn the handlebar switchgear with LED backlighting for clear night-time use. Switchgear is now upgraded to IP67 waterproof standards.

New Ergonomic Seat Design

The memory foam seat pad is very comfortable, yet at the same time, it is matched with a high-grade material cover. The seat cover offer high levels of grip has proven durability. A new convex shape holds the rider firm during acceleration and breaking, whilst the general ergonomics ensure the rider is maintained in a comfortable position, reducing rider fatigue.

3D Brand Logo

The Zontes 3D fuel tank badge is made from a soft metal material. It remains subtle lending the bike a touch of class.

Large Hand Guards

Mounted over forged aluminium alloy brackets, large ABS plastic hand guards keep riders hands protected in all conditions.

Rear Fenders

The combination of rear mudguard and rear wheel hugger work in unison to keep the rider clean and dry from excess road spray.

Electric Windshield

An electric windshield is designed with optimal aerodynamics in mind, to effectively reduce head on wind buffeting and send air flow over the helmet; the exposed aluminium alloy rocker mechanism accentuates the mechanical aesthetics.

An Extra Touch

Below the screen is located a push to open locker, ideal for sunglasses, visor wipes or anything small required to be just at hand.

Alloy Rack

A strong sturdy forged aluminium alloy rack comes as standard and is large enough to support substantial luggage for onward adventures.

Pure Aluminium Cylinder

Cast and CNC machined in house, the all-aluminium cylinder operates without a liner, which facilitates larger waterways to channel heat away more efficiently. Improved heat dissipation enhances both performance and engine durability.

Eco & Sport Modes

A simple press of a button toggles between ECO and Sport modes to suit your ride. Mode selection is clearly visible on the digital display. When ridden in ECO mode, the system will automatically switch to Sport mode when engine speed reaches 7,000rpm; this ensures safe overtakes without compromising fuel economy.

See And Be Seen

Crisp white LED lighting, with ever present daytime running lights, ensure you are seen by oncoming traffic. At night, the bright white light is projected to create a safe field of vision, easing rider fatigue.

Dual Channel Bosch ABS

The dual-channel Bosch ABS system allows the rider to calmly control the motorcycle in any unexpected situation. The ABS system brings confidence under heavy braking, especially in adverse weather and on unstable road surfaces.

Lightweight Alloy Tubeless Rims

Lightweight rims with side pull spokes ensures good impact resistance and enables use of tubeless tyres. And they look stunning…

Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Discreetly under-slung, the full stainless steel exhaust system is designed for a long service life, with the exit pipe shrouded in a thermal protective cover to avoid burning your stylish riding kit.

Aluminium Alloy Swing Arm

The optimum choice of alloy, cast to an exacting design, ensures our lightweight swing arm is both strong and rigid. The design affords excellent road handling and rider feedback.

19 Litre Galvanised Tank

A good sized 19L fuel tank delivers a range of almost 310 miles in ECO mode. Pressed from galvanised steel, tank rust is a thing of the past.

LED Tail Light

Sculpted to a perfect fit, the taillight is a crisp LED ensuring following traffic see you and see you brake.

High-Tensile Steel Frame

A strong rigid frame delivers great rider feed back on the road. The front down-tube doubles up as an engine oil reservoir, increasing engine oil capacity and providing additional oil cooling. The increased volume of oil prolongs engine life and enhances performance.

Large Front Brake Disc

300mm front brake discs provide huge stopping power and a linear feeling under braking.

Centre Mount Mono Shock

A centrally mounted mono shock softens the ride whilst delivering excellent control. Filled with high pressure nitrogen to ensure stability over long journeys and set with a small amount of pre-load, the rear suspension offers excellent comfort with reduced rider fatigue.

High Compression Ratio Engine

A high compression ratio of 12.5:1 ensures the engine delivers great power whilst delivering excellent fuel economy. A power output 26KW and torque delivery of 30Nm, puts the performance of the ZT310-T amongst the leaders of its peers, yet remains A2 licence compatible for riders gaining experience. To successfully use high compression ratio technology, it is necessary to overcome technical difficulties with engine materials, moulding processes, structural design, and other aspects that differ from traditional engines. In doing this, Zontes differentiate themselves from many other Chinese manufacturers.

Slipper Clutch

Often seen in high performance models, Zontes introduce a slipper clutch to their latest models. The movement feels lighter in the clutch hand and if a gear change is mis-timed so as engine and road speed differ hugely, the slipper clutch softens the blow. Unintentional wheel lock ups are avoided, mechanical shock lessened, and rider comfort and safety enhanced.